PDC World Championship Darts Bullseye Brilliance

Darts is a rather strange sport, if you think about it: the best players are far from “sporty”, and the game itself is as simple as a game can be. In this sense, it is no surprise that video games simulating the ever-popular pub game were not so abundant. From memory, only the rather entertaining gang mini-games about London on PSP and the 42 classics of all time on DS come to mind. Every now and then it was fine for a few minutes, but they were just mini-games. I don’t know if there was a big outcry in the dart community, as fans demanded an adequate video game of their beloved sport, but Oxygen Games certainly considered a full-fledged simulation necessary.

Considering that darts is simply throwing an arrow at a board, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that the basic gameplay of PDC World Championship Darts is incredibly simple. You can choose to play with a simple or an advanced throwing system, but the basic principle is exactly the same. A target on the screen is used to indicate the position you want to reach and then move the right analog stick back and forth to mimic your player’s throwing action. Just like in modern golf games, the downward movement on the straight analog shaft determines the force – whether the arrow hits above or below the target–and the forward thrust controls the accuracy, any deviation from a straight line affects the trajectory of the arrow.

That’s pretty much all there is in the game, the advanced throwing mode simply removes the power meter from the screen, which means that you have to rely on the action of the player’s arm to determine the strength of the throw. When you are at the cash register (able to score all the necessary points with three or less arrows), the target moves slightly, which makes the exact throw more important. If you have the slightest interest in sports, the game will be quite captivating, especially if you are playing against a real opponent, but the simplicity of all this means that it will never have the longevity of other, more complex sports sims.

Dart fans will undoubtedly appreciate the inclusion of many great players in the sport (Taylor, Barneveld, Part et cie) and the official license for the PDC World Darts Championship, but non-hardcore fans have less reason to rejoice. Darts is not suitable for many game modes, so, despite a decent career mode and a lot of board games, the experience will soon become quite boring if you do not compete with real professionals.

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