Yoshis Island DS Egg Cellent Adventures In Handheld Gaming

It’s a refreshing change of pace to hear the incredibly soft whisper of Yoshi, Mario’s eternally useful companion, just after bursting the eardrums of Marcus Fenix’s Hypermacho marine madness. It’s refreshing in many ways. From the stunning next-generation high-resolution graphics of Gears of War to the proven 2D cartoon Platforming Action of Yoshi’s Island DS, and Mr. Fenix is not not found a bit. It’s another thing to let the always polite Xbox Live community complain and make fun of the tranquility of a classic single-player adventure.

But it is the realization that you can always get lost in a virtual world, whether because of a 40-inch LCD screen in your living room or the backlighting of the two screens of the Nintendo DS on your retina.refreshing of all. It’s back to basics in the purest and most fun way that the DS seems to have a monopoly (well, at least before the Wii). This is the embodiment of the basics of the Gameplay that I sometimes look for, even if I pull my jaw off the mat after solving a particularly exciting fire action in Gears of War.

And you really have to give it to the Artoon developers for such a noble effort, not without considerable pressure. The Yoshi’s Island Franchise is loved by Fans of the Nintendo platform – Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island on the SNES (redesigned for the GBA in 2002 under the name of Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3) is undoubtedly the greatest platformer of all time – and a queue-up could have caused a reaction, But don’t worry – you can drop your exceptional banners – despite some drawbacks, Yoshi’s Island DS is a fun reinvention of a classic platformer and a comforting alternative to the madness of the next generation.

I say Re-Imagination because it’s more of a Remake than a sequel. In the simple backstory, the Yoshi Clan helps babies Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong and after Wario and Bowser (don’t worry, this is not a Spoiler, the manual tells you the same thing) to save Baby Luigi from the evil Kamek, the Magikoopa his floating castle. The Yoshi Island Platform’N’Run staple The Goodness remains, but with a DS twist. While carrying a baby on his back, Yoshi can swallow enemies by sticking out his tongue, then spitting it out or turning it into eggs. When hit by an enemy, the baby starts roaring and floats in a crazy direction, forcing you to desperately call the baby back before his protective bladder disappears and calls Kamek.

There are a lot of precise jumps, puzzle solving and pipe exploration as you would expect. And the structure of the game is just as predictable – complete the levels, go to the castle, defeat the Boss, start the next world.

Within five minutes of playing the game, you will notice how long the game lasts compared to, say, New Super Mario Bros.by under no circumstances will you fly through the game, platform guru or not. But that’s not because the levels are particularly difficult, they are easy, well, long. When you think about it, there is no time limit, so there is no pressure to rush into things. Rather, it’s about relaxation, soft music and enjoying the ride.

They won’t die too often, which is strange considering the many extra lives they accumulate along the way. Yoshi’s DS Island is more like a coin hunt than a platform extravaganza.

Of course, there are more. Artoon has tried to spice things up a little by adding interesting features that differ in their success. You now have access to five different babies, each of which gives Yoshi special abilities. Baby Mario can knock over and hit Mario blocks, Baby Peach can float your umbrella, Baby Donkey Kong can swing on tendrils and has a line shot, Wario has a pretty useless magnet that attracts coins and Bowser has a shot. The premise here is simple: you have to use certain characters to solve certain puzzles.

At the beginning of the game, it is quite obvious which character you should use in each level (if there are wind turbines, use baby Peach to float, if there are vines, use baby Peach to swing), but as the game progresses, this process becomes more complex and often involves changing But you will never be stuck for too long, because Artoon has kept things quite simple. It is only quite late in the game that they die regularly.

Here I would like to highlight the bugs in the game that stop it, New Super Mario Bros. as n °. on more than one occasion during my time with the game, I’ve been hit when I thought I shouldn’t have. Maybe a slightly fishy collision detection. Maybe I’m a coward. Probably a little of both. It just doesn’t seem as smooth and accurate as NSMB. Mixing with different babies and different abilities also seems a bit wrong, simply because there are no really clever challenges that force you to think about combining and changing characters beyond the obvious. At no point did I say to myself: “Wow, that was well done”. Where we are on the subject, I don’t know why only Mario can run. It’s a bit annoying when you only have 10 minutes on the Bus to complete a level.

It also seems that Artoon suffered from being a little too smart with the dual-screen system. The layers are played on both screens, so you can see Yoshi by pressing “x” and pressing up or down. This is where you will discover most of the secrets of the game, but instead of becoming intuitive, it often rubs and you constantly stop to look around. This becomes even more obvious when you complete the game and start the hunt at 100%. You then have some elements deliberately hidden behind the piece of plastic between the two screens of the DS. I can see what you are trying to do, but holding “x” and pressing up and down to expose an object because it is hidden behind a blind spot is not my idea of an awesome level design.

Since the game is quite long, it can be repeated several times. There is not really much variety in the Gameplay, and although this review can certainly be applied to many other great games, and in fact to NSMB, there is no place for online or multiplayer games. You will do about the same thing all the time, regardless of which mini-games do not attract you for too long.

Boss Action is also a notable disappointment. As in the Original, when you get to the end of a castle, Kamek arrives and spreads evil dust on the Sprite of an enemy according to the swamp standard, for example a Piranha plant or a fish, and they simply grow to fill the screen. Yes, you guessed it, three shots and you’re dead.

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